Cook Healthy

Healing through food because it all starts with nutrition… There is more than 50 years of dietary research and clinical studies by world renowned nutritionist, doctors, and pathologist including Dr. Robert Morse N.D., Professor Ehret, and Dr. Sebi all proving the human bodies amazing ability to heal itself, and each documenting how the consumption and abuse of acidic, processed, and preservative rich food can negatively affect the body, mind, and spirit. A common and reoccurring topic amongst each of these studies was the fact that mucus in the body is the result of toxic and acidic build up, and excessive amounts of it is the root and main cause for all disease and illness. With that in mind, Happie Food is determined to replace the S.A.D. (Standard American Diet) with healthy, non-hybrid, fresh, and all natural alkaline rich healing fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

You already own your own food FARMacy! If disease brews and manifest in acidic environments, then doesn’t it make sense to eliminate the acid in order to get rid of the disease? By using living and alkaline rich plant foods, the body is able to replenish its cells and restore itself from any and every type of ailment, illness, or affliction. Following Dr. Sebi’s strict mucus reducing bio-mineral cell food diet and nutritional guidelines, every recipe is created to help detox and replenish the body’s entire system and restore it to its peak levels, while heightening the mind, and elevating the soul. Why not try some easy and delicious healing recipes and food ideas designed to help make any and every meal alkaline, and to ease some of the stress that can be associated with making such a dynamic change?